March 1, 2010

Ammi's 'off' days

Dear boys,

Alhamdulillah while baba attended a workshop at The Gurney Hotel, Penang, ammi got a few 'off' days. The 'Off' days does not means ammi ran off, abandoning u boys, or 'off' in terms of "moon come", but 'off' from  the daily chores, off from cooking, cleaning, off from washing laundry etc..
For 3 whole days, the workshop under baba's Supervisor Dr Norhashimah Hashim that is undergoing a  research under The Education Grant USM. Baba as her favourite student are among those involved. We are the lucky one boys, with all the facilities of the 5 stars hotel. It's just a bonus for us as accomodation & meals 3x daily are all supported under the Education Grant for participants of the workshops & their whole families. Yippee!!

Ammi's off days only lasts for 3 days & 2 nights but ammi had soo much fun:

1) I do not have to worry about keeping the place clean-there's housekeeping.

2) No hassle to get u boys to bathe, both of u willingly put urselves in the jacuzzi bath & the swimming pool that comes with water slides, just like a mini waterpark.(more than twice daily)

3) Meal time is a breeze, -soo many choices at the buffet table. Just eat whatever u desires.

4) While baba is at the workshop & it's too hot to swim, theres movies & cartoons to watch, also drawing & colouring for u boys to enjoy

5) Not once i heard boys complaining about the hot weather as there's two aircond in the suite.

Here are a few pixs ammi really loves..:


This is my favourite ever!..

Despite all the nice & lovely things..
There are a few things that sometimes embarrasses me a little at hotels:

1)When u boys acted as if never set foot in a 5 star hotel-presssing all the buttons in the lift, and touching  everything  u sees

2) When u boys are like jakun with all the variety of food choices & the way u go berserk in public in order to put everything piled up on ur plates.

3) When either 1 of u drop a spoon/fork/knife to the floor & it makes the 'waiter person' looks towards us 

4) When baba eats his breakfast/lunch/dinner The East meets West way, e.g: nasi lemak + baked beans + french toast + buns + mee goreng ALL in 1 plate.;-) -"semua pun akan bercampur dlm perut kan, lagipun tak payah bazir2 pinggan" -quote from baba

5) Whan a MALAY hotel staff TRIES her/his best to speak fully english even though berabuk/pasar/tak betul grammar semua. I'm embarrased FOR him/her

6) When u boys are super excited in the pool & don't want to get out as if ammi & baba never brings u to pools.

7) When muslim guests's swimming attire 'mengalahkan' non muslims. 

8) When the housekeeper comes & sees our suite is like 'tongkang karam/tempat kucing beranak'..

All in all it was a nice sweet little vacation, right? 
Smile always..


rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

hehhe..boys will be boys...
camtula kan..

tpi part paling kelakar tu yg duk tekan2 butang dalam lif..wehehhe..

teringat anak2 buah
camtula romannye
depa tak reti duk diam

n yes..tak perlu buat keje umah..bes2 makan pon di tangung..

besnye dpt grant..sure banyak nih! mesti projek gila2 punye. if tak bkn snang nak dpt grant..:-)

ur husband bidang ape eh?


Sara said...

My husband bidang childhood education,
usm mmg byk grant nyer. dia student tp coz project tu bwh SV dia, gunalah se manfaatnye students di bwh beliau, hehe
harap2 byk lg bengkel mcm ni, best!
syaik nanis2 xmau balik nk duk 'umah hotel'. huhuhu..

Dayah said...

bestnya cuti2 yang disponsor... hebat la ksara handle 3 boys ni while baba depa dok dlm workshop..

Oyis said...

super jealous la kak sara! i need a break too huhu...

btw, hotel gurney adalah sgt best kan? kita pergi masa 2005 , konferen kat USM, pon terkeang2 betapa bestnya... siap wat entry kenangan tuh...


Aiyu said...

wah,bestnya g bercuti...tgk waidi mcm big boy laa.geram nk picit pp dia...

habibah_bib said...

hehhehe, bukan anak2 bujang kak sara je yang jakun tapi anak2 dara saya pun.. padahal datuk n nenek depa selalu bawa depa pi hotel.....

tapi mmg best kan kalau vacation/dok hotel ni disponsor... tak kesah la sapa yang sponsor...

haih, bila la FIL nak pi penang, mengajar outcampus UTM lagi... nak le join 'dua bilik' heheheehehe...

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

ooo education chilhood..bagusnya

kat uitm ni pon byk grant..yg paling gempak dulu..masa keje kat fakulti civil engine..Dr suhaimi dpt Grant 30k tak silap sy under exxon mobil..besnye..depa cuma sumbang research la kan..

tp bkn senang tu..hohoho

izzahazfar said... to handle 3 boys plzz....?

Ammi Sara said...

kerja apa skrg ye? x abis berkenalan lg kita.
mmg byk kan peruntukan grant, kita yg x nyumbang apa2 ni pun di sponsor ;-)


tak ada tips tertentu, ada cara2 tersendiri utk senario2 tertentu. dr masa ke semasa insyaAllah kak sara akan bg tips handling 3 heroes ;-)