January 6, 2010

Yahoo, school has started

Dear Yaya,
4th January 2010

Today (4/1/10) was your first day of school, of REAL school. Ammi feels so proud of you, at the same time ammi feels quite old.Hmm...you were so excited,you slept early the night before and no trouble waking up in the morning, since you had cold and cough,ammi couldn't let you take a cold shower so ammi put some hot water in the basin for you,i hope i'm not spoiling you too much but i guess thats what mommies are for, to spoil their children (but not too much mind you).You had some sausage rolls for breakfast (well,it was more of two chicken cocktails stuffed in a gardenia bread), but you loved it, you said you want some more tomorrow.And then off to school we went, along with sleepy Syasyaik and wide eyed Waidi.

Yaya control macho

Assembly was done inside

Inside the classroom
Dear Yaya,

Ammi doakan you will become a good muslim boy, an obedient son and a caring older brother to your siblings.InsyaAllah with ammi's and baba's guidance and also from what you will learn at SRI ABIM,PENANG you will achieve all that..take care and prepare yourself my son, the world awaits you...

Lots of love,

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