January 26, 2010

Virus attack

Dear boys,
Firstly ammi is grateful for being a SAHM & for having good health..the last few days has been very hectic & nightmarish, all of u boys got sick after one another..Ammi was ur doctor, nurse, cook, as well as ur very own ammi. It all started when yaya got the flu. Yaya my dear. u look strong in appearance but u are easily ill, u had cough & cold for a few days then you got sick, u caught a fever & had to be away from school. Baba took u to the clinic & u're on antibiotics,clearly u hated it so much! u said it was disgusting, u my dear, don't make a very good patient as ammi is always losing her patience in order to make u swallow ur meds.

 Just as yaya was getting better, waidi my darling u got infected too. My poor poor waidi  who has just turned 5 months. U were constantly miserable, hardly sleeps, hardly feed, hardly pee, u cries a lot & likes to be held all the time. U had coughs & a runny nose which makes u double miserable..ur fever goes up & down, sometimes as high as 37.8c U likes it if ammi puts a cool towel on ur head but hated it if has to wipe ur runny nose. All this while baba was busy, baba was a baba owl, hardly sleeps, surviving on kopi radix to keep awake, baba at that time was trying to complete his presentation paper for a seminar at UM, also at the same time doing his proposal to apply for USM GRANT, and if granted InsyaAllah will help baba financially for his 3 years phD course. So u see, the role of taking care of the boys are left mostly to ammi..

Ammi is not complaining, at that time ammi was like a zombie herself, what with maintaining the house, getting food ready, yaya's homeworks & hafazan, syasyaik's demanding attention, baba's abnormal hours, taking care of sick waidi, ammi was about to collapse, ammi hardly sleeps, ammi didnt have a proper shower or meal, ammi has black bags under her eyes, ammi has a sore throat & a bad cough but Alhamdulillah ammi didn't fell ill..ammi just cannot imagine if i'm was the one to fell ill.

After a few sleepless day & nights, waidi looks better, u smile & was urself once more, ammi was so relieved..as u are just a baby, there was nothing much i can give u except lots of love, cuddle, plain panadol syrup to help reduce the fever. Ur fever was reduced but then it transfered to syasyaik. Syasyaik my cheeky one, u had a fever during the night & a row of dry coughs unlike yaya's. It is scary to hear, u complain of sore throat & a headache. U were also excused from school. U as the manja one wants ammi to do everything, to wash u, bathe u, feed u, cuddle & such..u were less cheeky when ill, less active & less talkative..

Ammi prays daily for the wellbeing & health of all of u..ammi is once again forever grateful for able to become a SAHM, to take care of all of u in sickness & in health, remember boys, this is all Allah's doing..to test his servants, to test u boys & mostly ammi..remember Him when u are sick & well, remember He is the one who lets us live or die, we just have to overcome the tests with efforts, tawakkal & doa..

Ammi is tired, ammi wants to sleep, sleep tight my 3 owlets..ammi loves all of u very much..


أم الليث said...

Fuyyo bertambahlah workload akak bila semuanya sakit. Hope they get well soon!

Aik..flu doctor kasi antibiotic? pelik tu.

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

itula pengorbanan seorang ibu...
dengan tak cukup tido..kdg2 serabai je rasa diri ni..huhuh..

at least, Sara leh cuddle all of them all the time..
mcm sy, anak tak sihat, terpaksa gagahkan diri anta kat pengsuh. ati ni berat sgt2 nak anta..tapi tuntutan kerja..kene anta jugak..

semoga ur boys sentiasa sihat2 ok..

ni semua dugaan Allah..nk tgk kita sekuat mana...

take care dear.