January 6, 2010

Yahoo, school has started (2)

Dear Syasyaik,
6th January 2010

Is that really you my darling? my 2nd child who breastfed for 2yrs7months and who is just off wearing diapers two weeks ago,who still sleeps with ammi until today, all of a sudden you just grown up! You were more excited when we enroll your brother in SRI ABIM, you said you wanted to go to school too.
Ammi and baba opted for you to be near baba so we enrolled you in TADIKA ALMAWADDAH at PUSAT ISLAM USM. It's a lovely little school.

Dear Syasyaik,

At firsts, ammi has doubt you will be able to stay at school without ammi or baba. Ammi was expecting some teardrops or a plead for me to stay with you,you see compared with your brother Yaya (who can and will cry out loud in public),you will only 'bergenang airmata' and show that 'sad puppy eye look' (in public that is,at home is a different story). Alhamdulillah you were brave and enjoyed your first day very much.Ammi is so proud of you, you have grown up my boy.

Dear Syasyaik,

You are the most unpredictable of all my three boys, ammi hope and wish these good values will stick with you. Your are still my little manja Syasyaik no matter what, ammi also doakan you will become a good boy, a good brother and a good servant to Allah.

So cheerful,cannot wait to start the day

In front of Tadika Islam Al-Mawaddah

MMS with ammi to tokma and tokba

Allready blending in
Good luck my child..
Love and hugs,


MAMA DHS said...

cute nye amsyaik dah skola ek..damiya belum lagi..dia mmg tak saba nak skola..tp mama n babah decide nak skolakan next year la..t

Ammi Sara said...

Amsyaik ni lain mcm skt fara, dia sayang adik dia terlebih, asyik mencium, menggigit, peluk kuat2. penah sekali aku ygh masak nmpk dia dah tutup adik dgn kain, katanye adik sejuk..tu yg merisaukan x boleh leka,so wat decision school awal..alhmdlh so far dia enjoy sgt..hopefuly dia terus la g school :-)