February 8, 2010

Ammi's blogshop

Dear boys,
As yaya & syasyaik are grown up & goes to school, ammi has a few spare times at home with just little waidi.
So in order to fill ammi's times, ammi decided to start an online business, first ammi put up ur unwanted stuffs & shirts for sales, later ammi "borrowed" some money from baba (InsyaAllah ammi will try to pay him back) for some branded boys & girls attire.

Ammi named the blogshop Three H Corner, as you boys will guess 3 H means each 1 of ammi's boys, Hanzalah, Hamsyari & Huwaidi. Ammi is hoping by launching this blogshop, ammi will also have some 'income' but at the same time being a stay at home ammi for u guys. 

Thanks to ammi's friend, aunty FARA for being ammi's guru/mentor in this online business.
If there's any order baba will help ammi in the proses of postage. 
Thank you baba & boys for being ammi's models..

With 'Bismillahirrahmanirrahim' 3 H Corner is launched.
To ammi's friends & families, do stop by & browse. If you decide to make purchase, do contact me. Tq


rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...


semoga suksess sokmo...:-)

MAMA DHS said...

gud luck sara..smoga sukses!

Aiyu said...

good luck kak sara..you can do it!!!