February 19, 2010

3H meets 3D & 3N

Dear boys,

First of all ammi wants to remind all of you that life & death is all in Allah's hand. Anytime, anywhere & at any age Allah can take our life. Al-fatihah to arwah atok salim, atok salim is uncle mie's father. Yaya & syaik, do u remember uncle mie? he & aunty aini, tisya n amir always comes to our house when we used to live in Adelaide, remember the time uncle mie made scones at our house? lovely & delicious wasn't it? yaya loved it soo much!. Well, arwah atok salim passed away just from difficulty of breathing at the age of 58.He has no history of chronic disease, just a mild case of diabetic. So the death was a shock to everyone..we came to visit them at nibong tebal. At that time aunty, & the children are in M'sia (aunty has some data collecting to do),but uncle was still Australia due to work-he missed the whole burial ceremony but as we know in Islam it's not proper to delay the burial of the jenazah. Our condolences to uncle mie & family.

Aunty aini still smiling even though in grieve

Later, we headed to parit buntar, alang2 di nibong tebal we opted to visit aunty niki at her parent's home.(Remember they came yesterday to our home, we had a blast didn't we?).  Mak teh sal & family from JB were also to join us. It was a sort of a last minit plan, the original plan was for them to go straight to penang , check in at Sri Malaysia & later have dinner with us at our house. But alang2... It was kind of a reunion, u see boys, baba, uncle zahid & pakcik zul are close friends since Form 1, imagine that! ammi & mak teh sal has been friends, hmm..forever ammi guess. our parents were also close friends.

3H,Hanzalah, Hamsyari & Huwaidi meets 3D, Danish,
Damia n Dayana also 3N,Nurin, Naim & Naurah

Middle pix-pakcik zul, uncle zahid & baba 
(best friends since form 1)

Aunty niki made yummy spaghetti bolognaise & ought some pizzas. It was a lovely short reunion as aunty niki has to go back to KL after asar. Mak teh sal headed to their hotel, & we headed back home, ammi has to prepare dinner for our guests.Ammi made ammi's special nasi ayam..

At about 11.30 mak teh sal heade back to the hotel, we were to meet the next day -no specific time, when every1 is ready that is..;-)


Agenda of the day is to visit Rumah Kelahiran P.Ramlee & going up the Penang Hill.

It took quite a while to line up every1 

Arkib & rumah kelahiran P.Ramlee

2 cute mommies & 2 cute babies

In the train going up the Penang Hill

Subhanallah, the view was beautiful

Malam tu dinner at tepi pantai, seaside view..but it was dark. after dinner the kids played at the playground. The mommies are all tired by now..just wishing to go to bed..


Mak teh sal's last day here in penang. We took them to USM Museum,(it was our 3rd time there), but it was fun wasn't it, going with friends.  Yaya went to school, syaik my dear won't wake up in the morning, u were too tired..nurin n naim has a week off from school,where as yaya n syaik who went to sekolah Islam has only 2 days off.


We said goodbye to nurin, naim, naurah n family outside the museum..it was a tiring but fun holiday, for mak teh sal n family. Do come again..we missed u allready..



rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

amboi..sonoknye jalan2.hehe
byknye Tripple...

sonok eh cuti panjang.
jalan..tak inat donia

oh ya, Takziah utk arwah..semoga dicucuri rahmat keatasnya

Baitul SMR said...

Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun.
Moga almarhum ditempatkan bersama orang2 Soleh..

Seronoknya.. rindu pulak kat Sara & Sal. Dah besar2 dah kan anak2 kita ni..

Mimie Fazira said...

wah ... fully utilize the holiday huh ... really enjoy ...