May 20, 2010

Flash Back: Memories in 'rumah oren'

Dear Syasyaik,
A few nights ago while trying to put you to sleep, you started talking about the memories we had in Adelaide. You would't stop talking about the 'rumah oren' as you called it, until today i still don't know what it means..i don't know why you called it that way, maybe its the orange bricks because there are certainly no orange paints. You loved the whole house especially the spacious and private backyard where you and yaya can play and roam around. It is  private enough that  ammi don't need to wear hijab when i have to do some gardening i want to enjoy the scene, dry the laundry or just lepaking there.

It got me thinking, as this blog is dedicated to all you boys, i want to start writing about the memories mostly sweet ones we had in Australia. In the end of 2008 i started a blog,, but then i got severe morning sickness while pregnant with waidi,  the blog was then abandoned...from now on i will start writing about memories in Australia as well as current event happening in our lives. I guess living in Australia mainly Adelaide had quite a large impact on us, it certainly did to me. Even though it was just about a year we stayed there, we made lots of new friends, been to beautiful places ,experienced the four seasons, went through the worst heatwave, yaya and syaik went to school there and of course waidi is a 'made in Aussie' baby ;).

Dearest syasyaik,
Here are some pictures of our house in Adelaide. Our 'rumah oren'.....

Syaik and Yaya having a picnic, while sucking homemade milo lollies, 
and watching 'The Wiggles' on the portable DVD Player.
 This is a candid pix, neither of you realised ammi snapped it

The huge and spacious backyard. Wow! ammi had loads of 
laundry that day ;)
Notice the dry grass? the heat are different in Australia, its mostly dry..
This is nearly summer time, it got worst in summers. The grasses
turns yellow. It was like a desert at the back

This is the the front of the house. We were going out to baby
 Mujahid's aqiqah. Sorry waidi, you weren't born yet. No pixs of you ;)

The garage located next to the house. Goes straight to the backyard.
If the door is shut down, its total privacy at the back.
Our Ford Falcon, old , cheap but still in good condition, took us everywhere around Adelaide

A few months later, baba found a piece of wood and bought some 
ropes. Voila! Swing made by Baba. You boys loved it!

Other times we had a BBQs in the back. In this pix baba is BBQing
fishes, that time ammi teringin sangat makan ikan bakar,
masa pregnantkan waidi..

Can't remember what kind of fishes they are, given by uncle zai/aunty pura, such nice people.
3 whole fish! Kenyang sangat alhamdulillah and many leftovers too 
Yummy weren't they waidi...;-)

It was raining, but you boys insisted to play, ammi forced both of you
to wear the raincoats, actually those were for adults, thats why they 
look extra big on you boys. Ammi had to tuck syaik's in his pants,
 or else you would trip over darling! hehe...

I will write more entries of memories in Adelaide. Syaik please don't be sad. InsyaAllah "bila baba kaya nanti" as you keep saying, we'll go back there for a visit ya darling, huhuhu...



sirna said...

bestnya sara ada backyard yg so huge...boleh main dgn kids kat situ, sure u miss all this sweet time kan..

sukala tgk gambar syasyaik n yaya naik buai, happy je nampak

Ammi Sara said...

Memang best sirna, private lak tu..
gambar naik buai tu mmg antara best pix of them together ;)

Oyis said...

ntah knp hati kita tersentuh plak baca entry ni kak sara. rasa sedih sbb nostalgik. mungkin sebab sedar x sedar, kita sendiri pon more or less half way through this journey, and walaupon suka nak balik msia, still ada perasaan dreading nak tinggalkan plymouth. bak kata pepatah, tempat jatuh lg dikenang.... kesian syaik n yaya, diorg dah besar, dah ingat semua, kalo besar aisyah ni x pe lg kot, x tahu apa2. itu pon masa balik msia itu hari dia mcm lost sgt, kesian tgk sbb dia dah terbiasa dibesarkan kat UK nih. sabar la syaik ye, insya Allah 'bila baba kaya' akan sampai jua syaik nanti. k sara bole guna alasan ni utk bg dorongan diorg suh belajar kuat2, kalo pandai nanti dpt sambung kat adelaide, mana tahu...

أم الليث said...

hehehehe sempat lagi posing mosing depan rumah camtu kihkih cute aje

yaya sempat gi sekolah kat adelaide?

Ammi Sara said...

Oyis- thats what i always tell my boys, belajaq rajin2 nanti leh sambung study obesi, hehe..ammi dan baba leh dtg visit ;)

Aliya- yaya sempat school year 1 for about 2 2/3 terms. He made new friends oredi in msia here so dia tak rasa rindu sgt kat adelaide tu, dia cepat adapt unlike syaik.

gambar dpn umah tu posing with our hands wiggling like the wiggles, hehe..old time favourite of syaik's, hehehe..