April 19, 2010

We Made A Robot

Dear boys,
We had fun over the weekend right,
Ammi did most of the work,  We made our own little robot, but i dont think its that little, its as big as Waidi. :-)
We had fun covering the boxes ammi collected through out the week, and then we painted it with bright colours.
Our own little "Art Attack".!
We call it DOBOT- i don't know why...but thats whats its called...
No need to be scared of it syasyaik, that art attack won't attack you..And yaya please don't tease your brother that the DOBOT will come alive during the night. Its not funny at all.
I'm sorry to say i didn't snap any photos during the making of the DOBOT. But here is the end result.

 We'll do some more art attack soon ok ;)


rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

soo sweet itu dobot..eheheh

dah sama besor ngan wafi..leh main gusti2..:-D

Ammi Sara said...

dobot sama tinggi dgn waidi :)
waidi la aunty rose bkn wafi, aunty silap aa..