December 7, 2009



As much as ammi loves being a stay at home mom, ammi just don't like the way you boss ammi and baba around, i know you are a very 'manja' boy as being the youngest and all, but sometimes ammi cannot attend to house chores when you keep asking to be picked up and 'layan' you play. Ammi has never had these sort of problems with your older brothers,maybe this is a test to  see how ammi can juggle being a good mom while maintaining a clean home and cooking everyone's favourite food.

Ammi is not complaining but sometimes it is tiring to hold you,you know that you are not that light anymore weighing nearly 7kg. On top of that you have a favourite way to be held which my poor arm cant stand to hold too long.Walau apapun, ammi loves you very much my little belalang...

                                      My Belalang.


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