December 7, 2009

Cheeky Syasyaik

Syasyaik,my second son,

Even though people says second born are wanting more attention than first born, ammi thinks you are unique in your own way, we as a family constantly has to play guessing games with you in order to understands what it was really you wanted to tell us. Sometimes ammi ends up in frustration not knowing what was it really you wanted to tell, at times ammi loses her patience and storms out of the room or ammi yells at you.


Ammi doesn't really mean to do that, it's just that sometimes Ammi is tired with all the chores & your constant needing attention baby brother Huwaidi. Before Waidi was born ammi was tired throughout the pregnancy. I know those are just excuses.In future Ammi will try to be more patience & understanding..Remember, i love you always. Syasyaik with ur cheeky smile & observant ways..

                                Syasyaik with beloved B2 


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