December 7, 2009

Sensitive Yaya

Yayaku cayang,

Kadang kadang ammi asks too much from you, its because your the eldest ammi treats you like a young adults sometimes, ammi forgets that you are barely 7 years old. If you had a little fight with syasyaik, you are always the first to blame, if ammi wants anything done, ammi ask you to help even though sometimes its beyond your capability.

                             Waffle is one of Yaya's favourite food

As our family grows, ammi expects you to grow up instantly, you are always scolded if Waidi is asleep and making too much noise, ammi knows boys will be boys and you need to release those energy. I'm sorry if ammi ask too much too soon..

Ammi knows you are sensitive, you can cry even in public if baba and ammi marah (it's not actually marah but a slightly risen voice), i love that quality in are a bit like me my darling. Tapi sensitif ni kenala bertempat ye sayang. You like to be complimented in the good things you did but not to be scolded if you were naughty.

You are my darling...



Suzi said...

salam sara,
jumpa link nikat blog ayu...
sedihnya akak baca...tak ama lg giliran akak pula balik...yeah!!! suka tapi sedih pun ada juga...masa last day sekolah hari tu pun diaorg mcm sedih je...mmmm

nanti jumpa kita kat m'sia...

Ammi Sara said...

hehehe..mlm yg hamsyari sedih tu sara pun sedih gak, sbnrnye sara nak wat lainla blog. ni mcm tak best je template nye, ti sara bgtau akak ye.

InsyaAllah kita jmp di msia, rindu dgn akak.

Jg diri, jmp lg ye..