December 23, 2009


Dear boys,

Forgive me if sometimes ammi cannot pay attention to all of you at once, maybe you boys are still small to notice ammi is sedaya upaya giving and paying attention to all of you not individually but at once, at the same time. Forgive me if all of you thinks is not enough..Ammi is doing her best to be a good SAHM, well in ammi's case a SAHA, while ammi is attending your homework yaya, ammi has to breastfeed Waidi and at the same time colouring or writing with syasyaik. This is not really an easy task especially when you boys tend to talk/asks questions at the same time. Or other times for instance ammi is frying some chickens and yaya wants ammi to check your spellings and at that exact time syayaik is calling from the toilet because he has sembelit and at that exact moment waidi is crying to be picked up from his rocker.


Ammi is not complaining, but you see all 3 of you has a habit of wanting my attention all at the same time, and i think all of you has heard ammi's dialogue over and over again "sabar, sabar ammi ada dua tangan je..dua mata and 1 mulut je, sabar ek" or other times when ammi is more tired or about to lose her patience the dialogue goes something like " sabor lah, ammi kan ada dua tangan jer!", tapi ammi tak marah, ammi suka semua nak attention ammi walaupun masa tu baba ada kat sebelah je.. (lucky for baba or unlucky? hmm..).


Daily ammi try to give each one of you a one to one attention, so far ammi rasa ammi did quite well, ammi dont want any of you to feel neglected or abandoned,
Ammi is ever trying to become a better ammi for all of you, ammi wants the best untuk anak2 ammi. Anak2 ammi pun kena lah be the best and wants to be the best for ammi ye.

Love all of you,

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